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K.Pack Manufacturing and Trading Corporation Joint Stock Company, an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Factory supplies all types of CPP Films (Cast Polypropylene Film), MCPP Films (Metallized Cast Polypropylene Film), PE Stretch Film, PE Cling Film and Shrink Film.

Our products are widely distributed for the food packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, food service industry and industrial use. We operate in a 250,000 square foot facility located in Vinh Loc Industrial Zone that is equipped with the most advanced production line imported from Italy and Canada. We supply the highest quality packaging films in Vietnam for over 10 years to the most trusted partner in the food packaging industry.

Besides facilitating state-of-the-art machinery, K.Pack also invests in quality team members. We hire experts to train our technical team. Our scientific-experienced managers and warm-hearted team members also work with new recruits with one goal in mind: providing great value and integrity to our customers. These are essential elements that make our products satisfactory to our customers. K.Pack seeks to build its customers' trust day after day.

Products Include:

  • Stretch Film
  • Institutional Can Liners
  • Engineered Films
  • Food Service Products
  • Industrial Wraps
  • Tape

Visit K.Pack's website at https://kpackco.com/


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