Midwest Specialty Products

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Midwest Specialty Products is a family-owned business that specializes in the production of disposable napkins, towels, wipers, continuous roll towels, and products. Based in Winneconne, Wisconsin, we strive to be highly responsive to our customers’ needs. It all begins as we simply and ardently do what we promise.

Your customers are demanding more. We can help you provide it. Our Nature’s Linen brand features a wide range of products that elevate the customer experience. With disposable alternatives to cloth napkins, wipers, and towels, we make cleaning up even the biggest messes a breeze.

Products Include:

  • Nature's Linen Napkins
  • Nature's Linen Industrial Wipers
  • Nature's Linen Bath Towels
  • Nature's Linen Continuous Roll Towels

Visit Midwest Specialty Products at https://www.mspconverting.com/

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