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Helping Food Service Operators Save Time and Money

Labor saver, time saver, money saver – that’s the PanSaver brand Foodservice Solutions from M&Q Packaging. At M&Q, we know small things can have a big impact. Whether saving 3 minutes cleaning a pan, or getting one extra serving out of every dish, those small things can add up to big savings over the days, weeks and months in a restaurant or commissary.

That’s why M&Q Packaging created the PanSaver brand of Foodservice Solutions. PanSaver brand products are designed to help foodservice operators find innovative ways to save time and money, and make a big impact to their bottom line.

Our product line began with the development of our patented ovenable pan liners. These extra durable, high temperature nylon pan liners lift cleanly out of pans, taking the baked-on mess with them, reducing the time needed to clean the pans. And because these liners prevent food to hot metal contact, food served in a pan liner does not dry out, reducing food waste.

Over time, our product line expanded to include a full line of innovative products that help increase efficiency, improve food quality and reduce costs in the professional kitchen, including:

  • Shrinkable pan covers
  • Cook chill and sous vide packaging
  • Disposable pastry bags
  • Oven Roasting bags

PanSaver brand products are manufactured in the USA by M&Q Packaging, LLC, part of the M&Q Holdings family of companies.

Visit PanSaver's website at

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