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Pro Pak is a leading direct importer and manufacturer of paper and plastic bags and containers. We are your trusted source for stock and custom disposable products. With over 100 years of combined experience of importing and manufacturing, Pro Pak is committed to delivering results that establish and heighten our relationship with clients.

Packaging Products
Having the correct food packing wraps can make or break your customers’ experience when having take-out food.
- Disposable Bags
- Food Packaging Wraps
- Take-Out Containers

Paper Products
Paper food containers and trays are not only convenient, but are on-the-go friendly which is something your customers will love.
- Paper Food Containers & Trays
- Paper Hot Cups & Lids
- Paper Cold Cups & Lids
- Paper Dinnerware

Plastic Products
When working in the food industry, disposable plastic cups and lids are a necessity.
- Plastic Cups & Lids
- Plastic Utensils
- Straws & Stirrers

Eco-Friendly Products
Eco-friendly disposables are very environmentally friendly and a better-for-you option for your customers.
- Eco-Friendly Containers
- Eco-Friendly Disposables

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